The top 5 reasons to reserve a Fresh 48 Newborn Hospital Portrait Session

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It is always such an honor to be invited into a family's life right at the moment that they are welcoming their little one to the world. Every time that I am with a family in their hospital room I'm always reminded myself to stop for a moment and take it all in because this is what life and love is all about, and being able to witness it first-hand is so incredibly powerful.

During the time that I am on call, I check my phone non-stop waiting for the exciting text or call. I am absolutely giddy as I pack my camera bag and head to the hospital. I adore cuddling up with the member of your family straight from their Hospital bassinet to my arms. I am moved to tears of happiness as I relive the session while editing their images and bringing the magic that unfolded in that hospital room back to life.

So why should you hire a fresh 48 photographer when your newborn arrives? Why would you invite me into your hospital room right after a major surgery or when you're not feeling your best or your prettiest? Why would you want to hospital bed and wires in your photographs? 

My following reason are so personal because I DIDN’T HIRE ONE for the birth of my last child at Rex Hospital and I regret it every. single. day.


1. Preserve those first priceless moments for a lifetime.
The first 48 hours after giving birth are typically a blur – with the visitors, exhaustion, around the clock feedings, and nurses frequently checking on you. A Fresh 48 allows you to relax and know that all those tiny details – itty bitty fingers, toes, snuggles with mommy and daddy, first diaper changes – will be professionally captured, preserving this special time for years to come.

2. You are going to be too tired and exhausted to do it yourself.
Those two days in the hospital fly by in a blur. Your door opening and closing, doctors and nurses parading in and out, a steady flow of visitors, and the overwhelming exhaustion that comes with giving birth. You won't have The time or the energy to just do it yourself, and the images that a professional can capture are so much better than those on your iPhone.

3. It’s in the details.
Photographers remember to document all the little details you didn’t know you wanted to remember – such as your hospital room number, your baby stats/board, wrist bands, their bassinet, and flowers and gifts.

4. High Quality Images
Rest assured knowing you will receive professional, high quality images. Hiring a professional photographer can help you feel at ease knowing you will receive high quality images. Especially with dark hospital rooms, I know how to get the right lighting for beautiful family photos and sweet details of you and your growing family.

5. Your story is about all of you, all together
Your family went from 2 to 3 or maybe from 6 to 7! Your new baby's arrival has made your family complete and capturing those images of your first moments as a mom and dad is something you will cherish forever. When you don’t hire a photographer for your Fresh 48 session, one of you has to hide behind the camera while watching their family with the new baby. The memories are so much more magical when you both get to experience your new baby together for the first time, and I would be honored to capture that moment for you as it unfolds!